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Wire Mesh Trolleys

Wire-mesh trolley, with carbon steel/stainless steel frame, wire mesh, steel columns and anti-static nylon wheels made of screen four-cylinder equipped with a adjustable clamp and adjust the Groove, light and flexible, steel columns every inch concave Groove and take over the protruding coil tie Assembly.

Used carbon steel/stainless steel skeleton, and line network Board, and steel column and anti-electrostatic nylon wheels made, network board corners cylindrical at distribution with regulation clip and regulation slot, light flexible, steel column each across a inches concave into ditch circle and took over tablets protruding coil tie assembled, can according to need regulation by needed height and effective relief put electrostatic charge, characteristics, regulation shortcut, using convenient. Durable, laminate both mesh and plates, bridge-type structure, uniform load distribution.

To light easy carry mainly, due to its using convenient so widely to in warehouse, and manufacturing factory, and department store, and Logistics Center, and terminal or distribution way of short-range handling using, trolleys in production and life in the get widely application is because it cost low, and maintenance simple, and operation convenient, and weight light, can in motor vehicle car inconvenience using of place work, in short distance handling more light of items Shi is convenient.