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Where Is The Shopping Basket?

  Where is the shopping basket?

  "Today, I'm going to buy four books, a box of art greeting cards and a magazine, so the first thing is to get a shopping basket to install these things," the retailer thought the shopper entered the bookstore.

  However, common sense tells us that people's approach is not that way. The more likely scenario is that people who want to buy a book when they enter the bookstore door may find other things that are worth buying after finding the book in the store. The core of the retail is here, and if the shopper suddenly stops the impromptu shopping, I believe that our entire economy will collapse. For many stores, the size of the additional and improvised sales determines the store's financial profit and loss.

  In short, shoppers encounter the second want to buy things, she wanted to take a shopping basket can be a little easier. If the shopping basket suddenly appears (in front of you, and can not bend over enough), she is likely to take one, then continue to buy the third, the fourth book, maybe also buy some bookmarks.

  The lesson here is clear: the shopping basket should be scattered anywhere the shopper may need it. In fact, even if all the shopping carts in the United States are moved from the front of the store to the back, the role of the shopping basket will be improved immediately, because many shoppers are looking at several commodities before they really start to consider To buy. The height of the shopping basket heap can not be less than 1.50 meters to ensure that everyone can see, and do not need to bend over to get, because people are shopping when they hate to bend over, especially in the holding of things Teng not shot time.

  At this time need to reconsider the problem of the shopping basket itself. The bookstore uses a shallow plastic basket with handles, like a shopping basket used by supermarkets and convenience stores. It is better to buy bottled, canned or crumpled with this shopping basket, but it is not good to buy books, office supplies or clothing. When the shopping basket of things more and more heavy, carrying the handle is not comfortable, and people generally want to put the shopping basket in the arm or shoulder, but this time can not do so. The result is that you will not put the shopping basket too full.

  Often, how do we get the book? In a bag, especially in a bag. Therefore, in the bookstore, canvas or nylon bag than the previously mentioned shopping basket is much better. At the same time, they themselves can also be sold goods. The clerk can pour out the things in the bag, calculate the total price, and ask the customer if they want to buy a bag, and then something to install, so you can save plastic bags.

  "Supermarket shopping basket (car) what are installed, and was recycled, but these shopping carts (cars) have regular cleaning and disinfection?" Recently, the public Ms. Meng told reporters about their own concerns.