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What Are The Key Points For A Metal Locker?

Aug 04, 2017

  What are the key points for a metal locker? A locker is a cabinet that is used to store clothes. This cabinet is widely used in public offices, offices, schools and families. So what are the materials for the lockers? What are the key points for the purchase of the lockers for the people who want to buy the lockers? Today we are going to take a closer look at the lockers.

  What are the key points for metal lockers?

  Locker Material classification:

  Wooden lockers: mainly made of pure wood or composite panels for the production, this locker is not only in the price is more expensive and also very heavy, is more traditional lockers, more suitable for more inside the family.

  Metal lockers: General This cabinet is to do phosphating and anti-rust treatment, the appearance of matt or white, very durable and strong. But the market there are many manufacturers in order to save production costs, often used to the production of inferior iron, the need to pay attention to the purchase.

  Plastic lockers: this locker on the moisture does not rust, but also very resistant to impact, non-toxic and tasteless, for all places are very adaptable, are generally some public places will use it, the performance is quite Nice

  Metal lockers buy points:

  In the choice of lockers, in fact, see is not the manufacturers and the price aspects of the problem, more of the material and the need to grasp, so in the purchase points must be a good grasp.

  1, in the choice of the cabinet when the cabinet needs to reach about 2.5 cm, the reason to be standardized because the cabinet legs are too thick, then it will look clumsy, too thin, then there will be completely deformed phenomenon;

  2, select the wooden lockers pay attention to observe the surface of the eyes and ears, the end of the phenomenon, if any then proved to be dry thoroughly, this cabinet carefully buy;

  3, the drawer gap should not be too large, pay attention to the horizontal and vertical, and the door can not sag;

  4, veneer lockers stricken Yan Yan, whether it is posted wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-painted paper, we should pay attention to whether the skin was posted flat, with or without drums, blistering, patchwork lax phenomenon;

  5, check the metal lockers when not only look at the surface, you can use the nose sniffing, if there are pungent, dazzling, tears of the phenomenon, to prove that the cabinet of formaldehyde content exceeded, the human body is harmful.

  6, buy metal lockers before, do not believe in a class of gimmicks, to check the locker's quality inspection report, in the quality inspection report above clearly shows the locker's material, formaldehyde content, etc., consumers To the brand manufacturers to buy.