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The Advantages Of Folding Shopping Baskets

  The advantages of folding shopping baskets

  Compared with the previous plastic shopping basket, metal shopping basket, folding shopping basket has unparalleled advantages.

  Save space: 20 cm high shopping basket, folded, only a few centimeters height (with different styles can be folded and different shopping basket). Whether it is warehousing or personal use, the use of space are very effective.

  Easy to carry: small size, easy to carry, need to hold items, open the folding area can be.

  Lightweight effort: foldable shopping basket and more by the waterproof fabric as the main material, in weight than the early plastic shopping basket and metal shopping basket to light a lot lighter.

  Light weight: the main frame of the collapsible shopping basket is aluminum or iron hollow pipe, its own weight is very small.

  Fashionable: the main material from the fabric stitching, fabric style and color can be determined by the customer, highlight the personality style.

  Wear-resistant dirt: conventional 600D Oxford cloth with waterproof, wear-resistant characteristics, in the vegetables, fruits, a class of items more practical.

  Its price and the general shopping basket frame is similar, generally more than ten dollars. And fashionable and diverse, is the home of the necessary good products.

  Materials and specifications

  Generally with aluminum frame + Oxford cloth, very strong. Its specifications are mainly two kinds of large, large and trumpet. Large: 43 * 28 * 23; trumpet: 38 * 26 * 20.