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Supermarket Shopping Cart On Those Small Raised In The End Is Why Use?

Jul 21, 2017

  Supermarket shopping cart on those "small raised" in the end is why use?

  We must have had the experience of shopping malls, and each time to the supermarkets, usually have to prepare some wantonly purchase, so push a shopping cart is necessary action!

  When we came to the supermarkets, may suddenly buy a lot of different types of items. Whether it is snacks, fresh, and sometimes even the furniture will be to the shopping cart in the plug

  But we have not noticed, in fact, each shopping cart has a so raised design?

  In fact, this design is to let everyone hang shopping bags or handbags, because when you buy a bunch of different kinds of things, some items like eggs or biscuits afraid to be flattened, this time you can use The bag is loaded and hung, so do not worry about being pressed.

  So when everyone next to the supermarket shopping, this small design can be used immediately used Oh! In this way, not only do not worry about buying things will be crushed, you can easily buy things to buy into the shopping cart.