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Supermarket Shopping Cart Note

Jul 21, 2017

  Supermarket Shopping Cart Note

  【Supermarket Shopping Cart Note】

  When the shopping cart fast driving, rapid braking, the car will be tilted forward due to inertia, accidentally fell out of the car, the child fell even cause brain injury. Shopping cart itself has a child-specific seats, parents should let the children face their own, back to the cart forward direction, sitting on the seat,

  Absolutely prohibited standing in the car, forbidden to lie on the edge of the car, weighing more than fifteen kilograms of children banned by shopping cart!

  【Supermarket Shopping Cart Note 2】

  If you put the weight in the first half of the shopping cart, if not careful, easy to roll. Because the supermarket trolley is usually the rear wheel steering, car baskets designed for the former small after the big, in order to put more items behind the car basket, so that the body center of gravity, so more light to the cart and turn. So the weight on the back of the cart, it will push more easily, and more secure. So try not to put heavy objects in the first half of the shopping cart.