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Shopping Cart Shopping Modernization And An Important Tool For Improving Efficiency

Oct 18, 2017

Today, many people like to go to the supermarket shopping, supermarkets, shopping carts for everyone to provide a lot of convenience, I believe many people such questions, then what is the role of supermarket shopping cart? Next to introduce you.

We are going to visit the supermarket will be habitually pushed on a shopping cart, so that kind of way to open to buy buy buy model ah, but we pushed so many shopping cart, have not found these shopping cart has a bump? Some bumps on the shopping cart are not just one.

Knowledgeable people in the next silently said that the shopping cart on the bump design is to hang the bag or to put the bag, bought a bunch of different kinds of things. Such as fragile, can not pressure things, such as eggs, biscuits, glass products, etc., this time the bumps can come in handy, the fragile things hanging on the bumps do not have to worry about things to pressure to.

So do not worry about things will be crushed, but also neatly and orderly put all the things (I believe this usage will attract a lot of retention rate), have to say is really too humane.

With the large influx of foreign-funded enterprises in China's major north-south, not only led to our economic development, but also bring new technology. With the continuous increase in production capacity of enterprises, enterprise product standardization, efficiency is also a natural mention of the schedule up. Supermarket shopping cart is an important tool for shopping modernization and efficiency, so the shopping cart industry came into being. European shopping cart in accordance with the most commonly used volume is divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L and so on. Supermarket shopping cart is divided into two categories: common into European shopping cart, Japanese-style shopping cart. European shopping cart divided into two categories: the first category is the stent-type shopping cart, the second category is the tray-type shopping cart;

Stent type shopping cart

Stent-type shopping cart baskets are made of cold-rolled steel wire, and the surface treatment of the body is similar to that of stainless steel. Coupled with the polyurethane wheels to make our shopping cart more prominent in the shopping. Stent-type shopping cart is based on American carts evolved, the basic functions are relatively similar, more common in small supermarkets.

Tray shopping cart

Tray-style shopping carts commonly known as "American shopping cart" body has three functions, first, the car basket where children sit, so convenient for women or children shopping with children, the second, the box can increase the volume of more larger Place the supermarket goods, and the third place below the car body where the shopping basket is placed. The other models of shopping carts and American shopping carts compared to the number of goods placed is far less than.

Japanese shopping cart

Japanese-style shopping cart is no special volume division, commonly used is the body frame for the shopping box, the following is to place the shopping basket tray. Features are shopping carts and shopping cart can be used at the same time.