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Shopping Cart Manufacturer Product Structure

Shopping car by Qian frame and Hou frame composition body, frame of side, and behind with side turned frame and Hou turned frame, and distribution has wheels, and handle and DrawString and constitute, shopping car of features is: Qian frame and Hou frame by hinge and connection, Qian frame and Hou frame of sides surface the with a turned frame, and Hou frame of behind with a Hou turned frame, handle and front frame by DrawString phase connection.

Aluminum alloy folding shopping cart, refers to body parts and overall greater use made of aluminum shopping cart aluminum alloy has light weight, strength and bearing capacity characteristics of, as the main trends in current portable shopping cart!

Hand-push shopping carts are usually made of steel, rust, and every day there are different groups of people to use, a shopper's hand sweat could cause rusting supermarket pushing a shopping cart, so that in times of peace the rest of the time need some more competitors: shopping cart maintenance, if rust should be timely clear of it, because the consequences would be more serious.