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Shopping Cart Design And Leisure Fashion Elegant

Along with the economic development, a lot of people's standard of living has improved some, buy more and more things are not controlled, when going to the supermarket to buy things into a purchase, at this time there is no shopping cart can handle it?

Portable tug stretching capacity, so that people can more easily buy carry needed items no longer had trouble with shopping bag size, heavy drag, tug at the end of, easier, more convenient and more, as well as the trendy crowd.

Product features:

1, can be used as a storage bag, storage bag.

2, shopping when there are convenient, can push the car.

3, folding, high capacity.

4, push the folding wheel design, the "amphibious".

Top zipper into half the size of the package. Both carefully selected shopping buy tugboat bags to meet your needs!

Leisure shopping cart capacity is large, but not to put things, I did not account for an area, carrying very convenient, beautiful and generous, you don't also want to prepare a, is also good for people on the streets.