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Shopping Baskets Can Be Divided Into Solid Shopping Baskets

Jun 13, 2017

  Shopping baskets can be divided into solid shopping baskets and collapsible shopping baskets.

  The fixed shopping basket means that the shape is stationary and cannot be folded. Often appear in large supermarkets, many for plastic and stainless steel wire material, bearing significant.

  Foldable shopping basket is a new shopping basket designed to save space and carry convenience. More applicable to the family, for shopping, selling vegetables and other small goods transport storage.

  Collapsible shopping basket material is waterproof cloth and metal hollow tube.

  Waterproof cloth routine for Oxford cloth, wear-resistant, scrub convenient.

  Metal Hollow tube for the conventional aluminum pipe and iron pipe, light quality, easy to carry and labor.

  Free plastic shopping bags are cancelled, prompting more consumers to prefer to buy home shopping baskets for individuals. The foldable shopping basket becomes the first choice. At present, some enterprises in China have started from the production of fixed-type shopping baskets to transform the production of foldable shopping baskets.