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Shopping Basket Type And Role Introduction

Nov 02, 2017

The shopping basket refers to the basket of goods used in the supermarket for the purchase of goods. When the customer pays, the goods in these shopping kiosks are registered and recorded by the cash register. The so-called shopping basket analysis is through the shopping basket of information displayed to study the customer's purchase behavior. The main purpose is to find out what kind of thing should be put together. By the customer's purchase behavior to understand what kind of customers and why these customers buy these products, to find out the relevant association rules, companies through the mining of these rules to gain benefits and build competitive advantage. For example, retail stores can use this analysis to change the arrangement of goods on the shelves or to design customers to attract business packages and so on.

Shopping baskets can be divided into solid shopping basket and folding shopping basket.

Solid shopping basket is fixed shape, can not be folded. Often appear in large supermarkets, mostly plastic and stainless steel wire material, bearing large.

Foldable shopping baskets are designed to save space and carry a new shopping basket. More suitable for family individuals, for shopping, selling vegetables and other small goods transport storage.

Foldable shopping basket materials are mostly waterproof cloth and metal hollow tube.

Waterproof cloth for the Oxford cloth, wear-resistant, easy to scrub.

Metal hollow tube for the aluminum tube and iron pipe, light weight, easy to carry effort.

The free delivery of plastic shopping bags is free, prompting more consumers to prefer to buy home shopping baskets. And folding shopping basket will be the first choice. At present, some enterprises in China have started by the production of solid shopping basket transformation of the production of folding shopping basket. Foldable shopping basket is the rise from abroad, by the Chinese foreign trade enterprises orders into China, such enterprises are concentrated in foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang Yiwu many.