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Shopping Basket The Importance Of The Supermarket

Everyone knows that there is only one way to avoid the bustling situation in the supermarkets: to find a shopping basket or trolley. But sometimes they may not appear where you need most, where to find them? Why are they small and small, the color is not the same? When you are in the basket and stuffed into the potato chips and soft drinks, businesses are also chuckle, because you provide not only sales.

The basket has a double task

For a business, the importance of a shopping basket is no less important than creating an environment where you are willing to stay longer - the primary task of this basket is to liberate your hands. Think about your purchase experience, you are not sure to personally touch the goods, take a look at it, and then to pay the bill? "If shoppers can not reach out and touch something, they're not going to pay for the cashier." Ohio State University researchers have done a lot of money, "says consumer behavior scientist Paco Ondhill. Experiments verify the words of Andershill: Those in the experiment who are more engaged in goods are more likely to buy the goods. In other words, if you do not come out, you may not have to consider whether to buy such things.

The other task of the basket is more subtle - collecting important information for the business. A shopping basket contains a complete purchase of your behavior, your buying habits, product preferences and brand loyalty and other information. They provide important reference for merchant layout and promotion. For example, businesses find salt and soy sauce appear in the same shopping basket of the high probability, so the supermarket will be placed in the layout of these two products placed adjacent to the promotion and use of this strategy: the price of salt promotion, Soy sauce is to maintain the original price or raise the price. Businessmen often appear in a shopping basket at the same time as the "high degree of relevance products." You will be one of the products because of the promotion of the purchase, but also will be put into another high degree of related goods, so the price of another commodity can make up for the loss of promotional items.

Additional features of the basket

One of their additional features is to have a strong hint: even if your goal is clear, just want to buy paper towels, but the accumulation of mountain shopping basket will still make you feel, since come, may wish to a big purchase! Another savvy aspect of the basket is that it has become a merchandise that can be sold. This kind of shopping basket or shopping bag itself has added value - you will pay for this light shopping bag when you pay at the cashier, who is not After visiting IKEA to bring back one or two large capacity blue shopping bag!