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Proper Use Of Electronic Metal Lockers

  Proper use of electronic metal lockers

  The use of electronic metal lockers must comply with these safety precautions in order to avoid the occurrence of electric shocks and personnel injuries.

  1. Read and understand all usage instructions.

  2. Keep in mind the common sense of appliance.

  3. Comply with all warnings and instructions in the product and in the documentation provided with the product.

  4. If the use of instructions and security information is contradictory, the security information should prevail.

  5. Remove the metal locker AC power plug from the AC power outlet before cleaning the electronic metal storage cabinet. Do not use cleaning fluids and spray cleaners, use wet cloth to clean metal lockers.

  6. Do not let the power outlet or the wiring board overload, metal lockers the electrical outlet of the metal storage cabinet must have grounding wire.

  7. Do not install the power sockets where children can touch the mold.

  8. In order to avoid the danger of electric shock, do not dismantle metal lockers, if necessary repair, please qualified repair technician repair.

  9. Unplug the metal locker AC power plug in the following cases, metal lockers and ask qualified maintenance technician to repair it:

  ① the current line, the plug or the connecting cable is damaged or frayed;

  ② has liquid splash on the central Control Board; The ③ metal locker was soaked with rain;

  10. Please do not install metal lockers in direct sunlight and in places where rainwater is caught.

  11. In the process of handling and using the cabinet, do not collide with hard objects, so as not to scrape the flower surface.

  12. The following tips must be included in the operating tips that are hoisted at the enclosure installation site:

  ① Please remind customers of the need to take the password paper first, metal lockers and then according to the password on the designated door of the cabinet, the deposit, must be pushed tightly door.

  ② customers in the Brush password paper (or enter the password) after the correct door, must take the goods, finally pushed the door, so that the next customer to use;

  In case of storage, the goods must be carried out in accordance with the storage steps, and the items should never be put back in the box;

  13. Keep this operation manual.