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Mute Carts

Mute carts, running silent: except boards high performance resin, casters, casters with unique mute design (patented product) product line reached the mute.

Traveling light: as the casters using a special design, reducing the initial resistance and resistance. Make this product reaches the line of light.

Weight: car plate, caster uses the high-performance resin (plastic), so that the weight of the product to achieve a lightweight.

Noiseless plastic car plates, metal Rails (can be folded down, fixed), quiet casters (nylon brackets, iron brackets) and so on.

Mute strollers beautiful, composite plastic body and wheel use, reducing the weight of the vehicle. Unique design of noiseless and transmission technology makes it quiet and light. Widely applied to plants, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering, logistics and transport and material handling industry.