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Multifunctional Muting Folding Cart

Jan 21, 2017

With market needs of constantly changes, various type of handling car equipment turned out to was born, in warehouse equipment field handling car according to market needs gradually appeared has paper tube handling car, and low put handling car, and big tonnage handling car, and electronic said handling car, and added long type handling car, and cut type increased handling car, and stainless steel handling car, and oil barrels handling car and so on various type handling car, and now handling car has from industrial needs gradually to life needs extends, best of example is multifunctional mute folding pulled truck.

Multifunctional muting folding cart appears to objects moving in your life as a whole has brought great convenience, also save a lot of manpower. Can be used for storage and logistics, on factory floors and furniture removal, supermarket, hospital, laboratory, handling industry.

Furniture removal trucks mainly for life table, cabinets, safes, crates, transport handling and moving the furniture such as cupboards, the device is suitable for large, heavy furniture, single operation and safety.

Warehouse shop carrying capacities transport vehicles folding design, using a wide range of multifunctional folding pull use high-grade aluminum alloy, lead-free environment, safety and health, protection against rust, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. Warehouse shop mute the carrying capacities transport vehicles use rubber casters, high-strength elastic, nontoxic security.