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In The World, The Application Of Grocery Trolley Is Very Wide

Aug 16, 2017

  In the world, the application of grocery trolley is very wide, the general European, North American grocery trolley for the garden more, while the African grocery trolley for the mine more, the Middle East countries to build more, and to China's cart manufacturing base the most famous, perennial Constantly serving the grocery trolley users around the world. Anti-static grocery trolley for semiconductor, IC, food, bio-medicine, manufacturing and a variety of clean room operating area storage of goods used. Anti-static system resistance: 10 of the 6 square ~ 10 of the 9 power side Ω

  Mute grocery trolley structure, has the following characteristics: 1, quiet grocery trolley car plate for the special resin material or cold rolled steel, durable. 2, plastic car plate with anti-skid rubber head, steel plate on the surface of the anti-slip rubber pad. 3, quiet grocery trolley casters, the use of high-performance resin, effectively reduce the noise and driving force. 4, chrome handle bright and clean, durable. 5, quiet grocery trolley handle on the baffle to prevent items from falling backwards. 6, can be folded handle, the maximum space savings.