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How To Identify Good Methods In Electronic Metal Lockers

  How to identify good methods in electronic metal lockers

  How to identify the electronic metal lockers good?

  1, electronic metal storage cabinet materials are generally divided into cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, material thickness is the most important indicators of materials. Generally the thickness of the plate between 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm, conditional can be measured by vernier caliper, the use of unconditional hard to tap, thick plate and thin plate has obvious sound difference. In addition, the surface process is the determining factor for the appearance life of the electronic metal locker, surface treatment at present, there are mainly spray powder (spray) and spray painting two, the identification method is very simple, with the nail force across, leaving no traces of the surface is sprayed powder (spray), leaving the obvious scratches are surface painting.

  2, electricity safety. Safety is the most important, because the electronic metal lockers used is 220V foreign, in case of leakage accident, the consequences will be very serious. The authoritative certification of product safety mainly includes: CCIB certification, Great Wall certification, 3C compulsory certification and CE safety Certification (European standard). According to AQSIQ requirements, through the CCIB certification and the Great Wall certification of products must also pass 3C certification. Because the electronic metal storage cabinet belongs to the emerging industry, the product is not in the National 3C Compulsory certification directory scope, all manufacturers of electronic metal lockers have not carried out 3C mandatory certification, so if you can provide CE safety certification or related certification, can be regarded as safety products.

  3, electromagnetic compatibility. Electronic metal Storage Cabinet main control Board integrated a large number of chips and integrated circuits, effective impedance walkie-talkie and mobile phone electromagnetic interference is the metal lockers of the normal work of the powerful guarantee. On electromagnetic compatibility, there is a Chinese EMC certification (part of 3C certification), CE electromagnetic compatibility certification (part of CE certification) and so on. The quality performance of electronic metal lockers verified by EMC is more secure.

  4. Structural design. Because of the difference of the lock and the design and manufacture process, the electronic metal storage cabinet is divided into two kinds: interlayer and interlayer. The metal locker without interlayer has a more economical footprint.

  5. Copyright of software. Electronic metal lockers are electronic components of hardware, computer software and machinery and equipment, organic integration of the whole. Software is like the human brain, hardware such as human blood systems, respiratory system, and so on, machinery as human limbs body. Under the environment of the national attention and protection of the intellectual property, the production enterprise owns software copyright not only to upgrade the software, improve the performance of the metal storage cabinet, but also to protect the consumers from the legal dispute.

  6. humanized design. It mainly includes the voice prompts for the storage and the pick-up, the user-friendly and easy to understand operation interface and the management interface, the convenient security administrator mode and so on.

  7. Complete after-sale service System. Well-known metal lockers production enterprises in the country have established a sound after-sales service system. Electronic metal lockers as a large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, need to maintain and maintenance, perfect after-sales service network can you encounter any problems when you give technical support. According to the different types and functions, electronic metal lockers are widely used, all the places with the need of storing and sending materials can be used, such as libraries, swimming pools, supermarket malls, entertainment venues, station terminals and so on.