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How To Buy A Supermarket Shopping Cart?

Oct 11, 2017

How to buy a supermarket shopping cart?

1, Wheel material choice. In general, the supermarket cart casters according to road conditions, wheel load, such as the condition to choose. such as: Rubber Wheel (PVC) can not acid, grease and other chemicals, and polyurethane, nylon is suitable for different environments;

2, the choice of soft and hard wheels: Super polyurethane wheel, nylon wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheel can be suitable for indoor and outdoor driving; high-strength man-made casters are suitable for hotels, hospitals and other requirements of quiet ground on the road;

3. The bigger the wheel of supermarket shopping cart, the more labor-saving. As a supermarket shopping cart casters, how to make customers more labor-saving is particularly important, because customers do not want to push heavy cars to buy goods. Therefore, supermarkets in the selection of shopping cart casters, must choose the wheel diameter large casters.

4, the temperature of the supermarket is relatively suitable, so choose casters, the temperature requirements are relatively small. But different places, should also choose suitable for different temperature casters material, because the 严骞 and high temperature occasions on the caster effect is very big. If in the north, should choose polyurethane as material casters. The experiment proved that polyurethane can still rotate flexibly even at below low temperature, 5, as a supermarket shopping cart casters, its bearing weight also must calculate well. If customers buy relatively heavy goods, such as rice, casters failure, it will affect the customer's desire to shop. Calculation of carrying weight must know the deadweight of the transport trolley, the maximum load and the single wheel and quantity used can be applied to this formula: t=e+z/m*n; = single wheel or required carrying weight, e= transport trolley; = maximum load; = safety factor (approx 1.3-1.5) )。