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Grocery Trolley Product Range

Aug 16, 2017

  grocery trolley product range

  Different grocery trolleys have different body structures. The universal four-wheeler has a cargo platform. Many special structure of the grocery trolley, and some box-shaped body is made, adapted to facilitate loading and unloading handling lightweight articles; Torr easy to fix some of the vehicle body extending rods, tubes and other parts shaft; any body shape completely goods anastomosis, such as cylinder car; some very small, can be folded, easy to carry; for ease of handling some bottled liquid, like the cylindrical roll goods, the vehicle body has two flat inclined surface formed low, in order to facilitate cylinder The material rolled up, such as a cylindrical cargo handling vehicle. Modern grocery trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, wheels with solid tires or pneumatic tires. Antistatic

  grocery trolley stainless steel skeleton, made of wire mesh panels, steel columns and anti-static nylon wheels, cylindrical screen at the four corners and fitted with adjustable clamp adjustment groove, light and flexible, at every inch steel column recessed groove take over the ring and projecting sheet coil fit assembly, the desired characteristics can be adjusted according bleed highly effective electrostatic charge and the like, adjustment fast and easy to use. Sturdy and durable, the board sub-network and plate two, bridge-type structure, load-bearing distribution evenly.

  Silent grocery trolley novel, beautiful, synthetic plastic body, casters use, to reduce the vehicle weight. Unique mute, drive technology designed to make the carts go silent, brisk. Widely used in plant, office buildings, libraries, hotels, restaurants, logistics and other materials handling industry. grocery trolley according to different requirements of use, have different specifications (such as: have single, double, with the hand, with the push, etc.), the choice of when to do reasonably selected according to the load weight of the object and the object size. The types of grocery trolleys also include two-wheeled vehicles and single-wheelers, in China's individual rural and mountainous areas are still available with wooden single-wheeled vehicles so far. The wooden grocery trolley has played an important role in the pre-war movement of our country's liberation war.