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Folding Shopping Cart Structure What Are The Characteristics Of

In foreign countries has been a lot of people will use folding shopping cart when shopping, in China in recent years have had a lot of shopping cart shopping cart manufacturers in the production of such leisure. Folding shopping cart can become helpers of consumers at home and abroad, we have to look from his structure.

Compact and portable cart fashion travel, home shopping, shopping, fishing, are good choices. Because it provides a functional design is very user-friendly. Rod length adjusted according to individual circumstances, larger wheels, unique mute design makes it quiet on the road and more uneven road and has a good play, shock effects are also quite good.

This hand carts used in the Oxford cloth fabric is tough and durable, and waterproof and insulation materials are used also at the packet layer, is said to be for fresh food to heat for 2 hours or so. Because it is completely sealed design, can solve a number of fresh food preservation problems on the way.

Trolley body small, even in crowded places, is also very convenient. Bring your own Chair, suitable for old people in the market, supermarket shopping rest when tired or trip; travel for young people also use, when tired but can not find a stool (as a train), it will provide you with timely service. And don't worry about the stool solid issues, its compact design firm, how to push and pull will not deform and be ease of use.