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Electronic Metal Lockers Make Life Better

  Electronic metal lockers Make life better

  As an important means to improve agricultural production efficiency, electronic metal locker equipment has been developed from the mechanization stage of alternative human animal power to automation application based on electronic control technology, and towards the intelligent and advanced manufacturing with information technology as its core. metal lockers The remarkable characteristic is the mechanical equipment as the carrier, fuses the electron, the information, the biology, the environment, the material, the modern manufacture and so on technology, enhances the equipment technology to adapt the performance unceasingly, metal lockers expands the accurate work function, guarantees the seasonal strong work reliability, improve the complex structure manufacturing efficiency, improve soil-plant-animal-machine-man and eco-environment coordination, around the construction of resource conservation, environmental friendly agriculture, the realization of comprehensive recycling of resources and the protection of agricultural ecological environment, the development of new high-performance electronic storage cabinet equipment, to achieve " Safe, multi-energy, automatic and efficient, metal lockers accurate and intelligent, supporting the sustainable development of agriculture. and electronic metal storage cabinets are a wide variety, but different metal lockers have their own advantages and disadvantages, metal lockers today mainly for you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of several metal storage cabinets.

  1, machine set bar code type electronic metal storage cabinet

  Advantages: High security, easy to use;

  Disadvantages: Use of raw materials when using

  Main application places: supermarkets, shopping malls and so on.

  2. Fingerprint Electronic metal storage cabinet

  Advantages: Very high safety.

  Disadvantage: High rejection rate, especially when the peak of the crowd often cause congestion. Maintenance inconvenience, every two days need to clean the reading fingerprint window.