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Different Products Have Different Characteristics

Jan 21, 2017

Leisure shopping cart manufacturers will introduce you to a variety of leisure and shopping cart functionality, so that you can better buy for their own leisure and shopping cart products. aluminum shopping cart: refers to body parts and overall greater use of aluminum-made leisure shopping cart aluminum alloy has light weight, strength and bearing capacity characteristics of, as the main trends in current lightweight leisure shopping cart!

Stainless steel shopping cart: refers to the body as a whole is basically made of stainless steel-made leisure shopping cart stainless steel with high strength, corrosion resistance, long life and other advantages, disadvantage is the high weight, in order to reduce the weight, only the thickness of structural steel, indirect expense of carrying capacity!

Not folding shopping cart: refers to cannot be folded up when using trolley this trolley capacity is very large for general use, in order to ensure adequate bearing capacity and overall strength, using a welding and die-cast models made! large size, weight, generally restricted to specific weight used! Folding luggage cart manufacturer specializing in the production of luggage trolleys, ladders and other products, welcome to buy.