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Where charm lies in the shopping cart

Shopping is not divided into men, women and children are doing, are essential to life, there are two modes, one is on the line is below the line, in which all have their own distinct characteristics, ultimately, the shopping is a shopping cart.

Shopping is a very happy thing, shop [Shopping] means buying items. In simple terms is the Act or manner of people buy all kinds of goods, items including physical and virtual items. For many people, shopping is a leisure activity, you can visit different stores to buy products. While the so-called "window shopping" (Window Shopping), refers to browse for goods in a shop window, may not purchase. But for some, shopping can be troubling. For example, buy the products advertised, even lied to, need to make a return, and still others appear addicted to shopping, known as Shopaholic shopper shopping out of control, and may lead to personal and social problems.

Refers to the supermarkets and other large supermarket in the shopping cart, customer used to temporarily store the selected items to a cart. Usually have layers, you can store different items, some may also contain children.

Shopping cart is very easy, can carry great weight when buying products, is now a fashion trends, quality is guaranteed, according to customers ' demand for tailored styles.