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What was ill use supermarket shopping cart

Jan 21, 2017

Many people in supermarket in the shopping of Shi are is will using shopping car of, because such will makes we of hands can get liberation, also can makes we in shopping of when not because to took products on makes himself is tired, so said now of shopping car of role is is big of, but we also can in supermarket in the see some bad of phenomenon, led to shopping car damaged has. Leisure shopping cart below what manufacturers say these phenomena are

From the outside, supermarket shopping cart, based on customer service practices, followed by the perfection of the hardware to the supermarket. Only the facilities in place, in order to attract more loneliness. But in their daily shopping, often with cars damaged. As I wrote this weekend at a large supermarket. Finish leaving the supermarket. The next elevator out, seeing two girls, half-times of a girl sitting in the shopping cart. At that time I thought, this is what? shouldn't be a shopping cart will work. An adult sitting in, can you not bad. To put items that, at best, can host to about 35KG. More than a 50KG of people sat inside, it can carry so much weight? will load slowly, and result in performance deterioration, finally went to the damaged edge. Had to repair. So I appeal to you all, when we go shopping, you should take care of public facilities.