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What is the correct way to use caster

Jan 21, 2017

No matter what kind of car are used wheels, especially on the shopping cart will use the caster, the wheels will be able to make use of what kind of problems does not, so the right of use is important. Leisure shopping cart below manufacturers talk about what is the correct usage:

1, casters must be installed on the manufacturers specified design position.

2, install the caster bracket must have sufficient strength, in line with the load.

3, caster features cannot be changed, is not subject to influence of installation.

4, TRANS-donglunzhou must always be vertical.

5, fixed castors must be on the axle in a straight line.

6, if you are only using the swivel casters, they must be the same.

7, if fixed casters for use with swivel casters, then all the casters must be compatible with each other, and are subject to the manufacturer's recommended use.

Only in this way can make the reasons for using a car without wheels, not used correctly, so when you use note to remember when using the wheel if there is a problem, and if there are problems will be resolved in a timely manner.