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Shopping cart

Jan 21, 2017

Refers to the supermarkets and other large supermarket in the shopping cart, customer used to temporarily store the selected items to a cart. Usually have layers, you can store different items, some may also contain children.

Online store says shopping cart shopping cart metaphor of reality, buyers can just like shopping in the supermarket, feel free to add, delete items, after the purchase is complete, unified under a single.

Online store shopping cart can track customers selected merchandise, record the selected goods also can update at any time, you can pay for, can provide great convenience.

The types of shopping cart

General shopping cart cart with one word, American-style shopping cart, Australian shopping carts, Japanese-style shopping carts, flat cart, plastic shopping carts.

Shopping cart use

Shopping process using the online shopping cart: find product, add to cart, submit orders, view order status, confirmation of receipt.