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Leisure shopping cart

Jan 21, 2017

Leisure shopping cart manufacturer tells you how to better satisfy market demand? How to make our life more convenient?

Leisure shopping cart with human handling of push and pull the vehicle. It is the ancestor of all vehicles. Material handling technology continues to develop, the carts remain as an indispensable conveyance and still in use. Trolley in production and life is widely used because of its low cost, easy maintenance, easy to use, light weight, can work hard to use of motor vehicles, at a short distance when carrying lighter items very convenient, carrying goods and labor, save time, and save money.

Different uses of leisure shopping cart has a different body structure. Universal four-wheeled shopping cart have a loading platform. Dedicated leisure shopping car is structure range, some car system into box shaped, for handling weight light and easy handling of items; some body out Bay, easy placed rod, and axis and pipe, parts; some body shape completely and goods anastomosis, as gas bottle car; some is small, can folding, easy carry; some for easy handling barrels loaded liquid, and paper volume, tube-like goods, body Shang has two article flat steel formed low cant, to conducive to tube-like real roll Shang roll Xia, as tube-like goods handling car. Modern leisure shopping carts are equipped with ball bearing wheels with solid tires or pneumatic tires.