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Demand for shopping cart

Jan 21, 2017

Shopping cart manufacturers for you to analyze the market demand is what? How can we better meet market demand?

Shopping cart has a different body structure for different purposes. Universal four-wheeled carts have a loading platform. Dedicated shopping car is structure range, some car system into box shaped, for handling weight light and easy handling of items; some body out Bay, easy placed rod, and axis and pipe, parts; some body shape completely and goods anastomosis, as gas bottle car; some is small, can folding, easy carry; some for easy handling barrels loaded liquid, and paper volume, tube-like goods, body Shang has two article flat steel formed low cant, to conducive to tube-like real roll Shang roll Xia, as tube-like goods handling car. Modern shopping carts are equipped with ball bearing wheels with solid tires or pneumatic tires.

Types of shopping cart also includes car and unicycles, in our individual rural and mountain areas and wooden unicycles are used today. Wooden single-wheel vehicles in China has played an important role in supporting the campaign of the war of liberation.