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Baby sitting in the shopping cart to pay attention to what

Jan 21, 2017

Often see parents pushing a shopping cart in the supermarket, and then put the baby in the baby seat on the shopping cart, but the shopping cart seat will be safe? Baby sitting on the Chair in the shopping cart to pay attention to what the security problems?

First of all, parents using the shopping cart before you check the quality of supermarket shopping cart, especially baby seat part quality, check the shopping cart part of structural, load-bearing capacity, the car's flexibility, inclination and so on, make sure the car is safe to let children do the shopping cart seat.

Secondly, the baby cart seat space to suit your baby, such as shopping cart seat space cramped, but body fat, so children easily stuck if space is too large, relatively young children, sitting in the Chair is not a security role.

Third, do not put your child in the shopping cart box to avoid when shopping, danger occurs when the child activity.

Finally, don't let baby stand in the shopping cart, especially older children, pull cart or baby activity is likely to lead to the instability of gravity occurs when danger of falling, or even turn out from the shopping cart.

Finally, do not let your baby with your fingers and toes to buckles cart slot, to prevent the baby being stuck hands and toes or metal scratching.

Last, baby sitting on the cart, to remind the baby will put their hands on the chest and arm, do not put your hands on each side of the shopping cart, to prevent the baby's hands rub the injured were coming and going shopping cart.