Weekend Smokeless Seat Grilling for 8 Person

Weekend smokeless seat grilling for 8 person

Product Details

Weekend smokeless seat grilling for 8 person

The octagonal JAG Grill centers a cracklin' fire pit inside 8 surrounding grilling surfaces and 8 wooden planks to form a communal BBQ-table combo. With JAG, all present and hungry can prepare their own meals, eat together, and bask in the aromatic glow of the fire that got them there.

JAG Grills measure 7'-5/8" at their widest point and weigh around 400 pounds. Additional features include:

A side door access for grill cleaning.

Legs adjustable up to 3" to accommodate uneven surfaces or people of different heights.

Folding brackets for grill breakdown and storage.

Removable wood surfaces if more than 8 are present for the BBQ, and for wintertime storage.

Removable stainless steel grilling racks.

Removable grill dome for containing fires, plus adding wood or coals.

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